The focus of this website is the learning focused, technology centric 4K curriculum that I created which is adaptable to both physical and virtual learning environments.
The learning focused component consists of four 4K themes; Colors and Counting, Light and Letters, Shapes and Sorting, and Rhyming and Patterns. The themes were developed from key areas of math and literacy from the 4K report card. The themes will open up as a linkable pdf with access to theme content. 
Colors and Counting                    Light and Letters 
Shapes and Sorting                    Rhymes and Patterns 
The technology centric component consists of Multimedia Routine, Book, Small Groups, and Movement Activities.  The purpose of this site is to highlight the technology centric aspect of the 4K themes.
Multimedia Routine – A five-minute mashup of engaging, high quality, learning focused content that supports students transitioning into a book or other large group activity. The multimedia routine can be accessible online or offline and are ad free.​​​​​​​
Small Group – A small group activity related to a particular 4K theme that can be completed in a physical setting, downloaded for home access, or completed in a virtual setting with the teacher via video conferencing.
Movement Activity – A 15-minute movement activity using resources from SPARK, Go Noodle and other multimedia content. This can be done by the teacher in a physical setting with a laptop, Bluetooth speaker, or phone. The SPARK content can also be downloaded for offline use. For the virtual setting the teacher can share the links in the platform of their choice.  
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