Multimedia routine
The Colors and Counting multimedia routine includes the video Colors All Around and Bees in a Hive. The multimedia routine can be downloaded for offline use.
Colors All Around is performed by Jack Hartmann. He introduces students to colors in a fun way that encourages active movement throughout the video. Jack Hartmann creates educational and movement videos and songs for children.
Bees in a Hive is performed by MiSTER B. (Anthony Broughton). Anthony Broughton uses a catchy tune to teach children to count to 15. The song reinforces rote counting to 15 rather than the more traditional 10.  Anthony Broughton's work can be found at MiSTER B Inspires.  
Group Activities

PPT that takes students through color mixing from the story.

PPT in which students can practice sorting by colors. 

A ppt that introduces subitizing in which students recognize sets of objects of less than 5 with Automaticity. 
Splat is a fun activity which teaches subitizing. Students see sets of objects from 3-5 for a few seconds and must visualize the number of objects. 

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